Foxy Equipment


Electmax Single Tank Electric Fryer

Superfast LPG Gas Tube Fryer RC500ELPG

Double Tank Electric Fryer

VP122LPG V Pan LPG Deep Fryer

RC300ELPG - Superfast LPG Gas Tube Fryer

Hot Plates

JUS-TRG60LPG GASMAX Benchtop 2 Bunner Griddle 600mm


RGT-24ELPG Two burner griddle LPG

GG-24LPG Two burner LPG Griddle Top

RGT-36ELPG Three Burner Griddle LPG

JUS-TRGH60LPG GASMAX Benchtop LPG Gas Combo 1/2 Char & 1/2 Griddle

RGT-48ELPG Four burner griddle LPG


JUS-TRH60LPG GASMAX Benchtop 2 LPG Burner Chargrill

QR-24ELPG LPG Gas 4 Burner Char Grill Top

QR-36ELPG LPG Gas 6 Burner Char Grill Top


GASMAX Benchtop LPG 2 Burner Cooktop w/ Splashback JUS-TR-2BLPG

Gas Cook top 4 burner with Flame Failure - RB-4ELPG

Gas Cook top 6 burners LPG with Flame Failure - RB-6ELPG

GASMAX Benchtop LPG 4 Burner Cooktop w/ Splashback JUS-TR-4BLPG

Other Equipment

FED-X Flat Glass Salad Bench - XVRX1200/380

JUS-TY-2 Dry Bain Marie With 1 x 1/1 pan + 2 x 1/2 GN Pan & Lid

LPG GAS Doner Kebab - RG-2LPG

Benchstar Pie Warmer & Hot Food Display - PW-RT/1200/1